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Afforestation Program

Afforestation volunteer in Nepal

A forestation program
Let’s make a difference, Be prepared to get your hands dirty when you volunteer with any of the life-renewing reforestation projects that are underway around the globe and in Nepal mostly during rainy season and working on plant nurseries all round the year. Let’s help restore our rapidly disappearing forests and give the planet what it needs — a breath of fresh air and a chance for a future.
Deforestation — cutting down, burning, and otherwise destroying forests — is occurring at such a rapid pace that if the current rate continues, the rain forests will disappear by the year 2100, and with them more than half of the animal and plant species on the planet. Nearly 40 million acres of natural forests were destroyed per year during the 1990s, and from 1990 to 1995 alone, a total area of forest nearly twice the size of Italy vanished.
In mountain reason of Nepal there is problem of forest fire by peoples so awareness programs are necessary. To save our Mother “Earth” let’s meet the challenge and be united.