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Best Time to volunteer in Nepal

when is good to volunteer nepal

When is the best time to go on a volunteer journey in Nepal? This question can be in your mind if you are planning a volunteer trip to Nepal. The time selection matter much for your Nepal volunteer experience. The March/ April and September/ October seasons are regarded best time of the year to travel Nepal but for volunteering experience summer and winter are regarded best time of the year to travel. The best time also depends on what program you are most interested in and location of the program. The volunteers are warriors who want to contribute in time of need and crisis so for such warriors the difficult time is the best time to go on such places with volunteering motive carrying a compassionate heart. After devastating 2015 April and May earthquake, hundreds of volunteers from all round the world came to Nepal and made significant difference by their presence. If you are a busy person and can take out certain period of time which you would like to use for trekking in Nepal Himalayas and also make it meaningful by doing some community works then you should plan keeping best time of the year in mind travelling Nepal.

Nepal is small country with area of 147181sqkm but it has very diverse climate from place to place as the country expands from lower altitude 60m to higher 8848m. It is advisable to plan journey to hilly region all round the year but to Himalayan higher altitude in summer and plain lands when temperature is optimum. If you are coming for elephant volunteering program in Nepal then it is nice to come when the tourism season is low as you will have much time with elephants as they don’t need to go for long hours for Jungle safari carrying tourists in their backs. If you are coming for teaching program, make sure that your time does not coincide with semester breaks, winter, summer and festival holidays.

If you are coming for agricultural volunteer program in Nepal, know about the time of the year and crops grown. In Nepal the paddy is grown in monsoon season and harvested in October/ November, the corn is grown from March to June and seasonal vegetables all round the year. It is nice to travel Nepal on March/ April and October/ November if you are combining volunteering program and travel programs. As great Nepali festivals falls on October and November, those months are great to have authentic Nepali cultural experience.