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Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal is proud to present you a blog. We wish all our well wishers to comment and send feedback. If you find any suggestions please tell us and if there remains any appreciable works please tell the world. We share our heart with you. Most people are living with head center and few with heart center. the people living with head are exploiting much. They are searching peace and happiness but living all life in futile. True happiness lies in giving and helping the world. It is our small effort to help Nepali society and we are determined in our aim.

What we do?

We provide different types of help to local needy organizations of Nepal. We provide volunteer opportunities to international volunteers seeking volunteering programs in Nepal. We work as a bridge between local community and people looking volunteer opportunities in Nepal. We in one hand help local community by empowering them through the help of volunteers and let volunteers to explore Nepal as like being a local. Volunteers who join our program can experience Nepal at it’s best. They live with local host families, eat local food, go on city tour etc. we do not take any money for volunteer programs but we do take some volunteer program fee to cover your transport, food, accommodation, tour etc.

We expect your real presence. We will transfer you. You can change the world. Nepal is very unique country. Come and explore Nepal with us. Mediate and do yoga in Nepal. World is full of suffering but we will provide you insight to discover happiness in little things. Hope to read your suggestions and feed backs. Please Love our blog. Namaste from Nepal.

  • Volunteering opportunities in Nepal

    Volunteering opportunities in Nepal

    Volunteering opportunities in Nepal are diverse and you can choose one based on your interest, skills, number of days you  have and time of year you come to volunteer in Nepal looking for nepal volunteer opportunities. Dare to go on a remote location and make some meaninful impact on life of local people staying in

  • Short Term volunteer in Nepal – 2 Week Special

    Short Term volunteer in Nepal – 2 Week Special

    Third Eye Volunteer Nepal offers an interesting volunteering opportunity of two weeks along with Kathmandu city tour that gives best taste of Nepal. This program is more suitable for volunteers who do not have long time to commit but would like to make some difference in the life of locals. Volunteer in Nepal and also

  • Voluntourism in Nepal for different Experience

    Voluntourism in Nepal for different Experience

    Nepal can be a good choice desitation for both long term to short term vacation. You can commit some volunteer program and also use some days for yourself to experience the best adventure activities Nepal offers like trekking, rafting, jungle safari etc being volunteer tourist. The program dates are not set in adavanced so you

  • Hotel Park Inn is not only a regular hotel in sauraha chitwan

    Hotel Park Inn is not only a regular hotel in sauraha chitwan

    Are you planning your travel to sauraha of Chitwan Nepal? Sauraha is the third major touristic town of chitwan near the chitwan National park, a famous destination of Nepal for jungle activities. People these days travel differently and if you want to travel with meaning than we simply recommend you to stay in hotel Park

  • Best Time to volunteer in Nepal

    Best Time to volunteer in Nepal

    When is the best time to go on a volunteer journey in Nepal? This question can be in your mind if you are planning a volunteer trip to Nepal. The time selection matter much for your Nepal volunteer experience. The March/ April and September/ October seasons are regarded best time of the year to travel

  • Village Volunteer Program in Nepal

    Village Volunteer Program in Nepal

    Nepal is country of villages. There is big gulf to be bridged between Nepali cities and villages. The villages are naturally beautiful, culturally rich and socially amazing where people live mostly under extreme poverty with smile and unbound happiness. The villages are suffering since ages with dark veils of superstitious beliefs, poverty, idea of fatalism

  • How Can I help Nepal?

    How Can I help Nepal?

    Dear Nepal, Wishing you a truly wonderful future. May this year bring you light, peace, harmony and great new life experiences! Happy New Year 2016. This year 2015, you had many up’s and downs. You were hit by massive Earthquake and also paralyzed because of southern border blockade. The politicians did repeat the same game.

  • Volunteer in Nepal for free

    Volunteer in Nepal for free

    Volunteer in Nepal for free in some popular Nepal volunteer programs. Third eye volunteer Nepal announces some Nepal free volunteer work programs. Travel to Nepal for free volunteer work. We offer our programs to help local communities. Enjoy our free two week volunteer program joining two week Nepal adventure travel programs. You can choose Everest

  • Nepal post-earthquake travel advice

    Nepal post-earthquake travel advice

    People are willing to travel Nepal and we know the world humans love Nepalese but there are many rumors about Nepal they are making people think twice before taking decision to visit Nepal. Safety is the prime factor and it is important to update honestly about the situation as it is. If we tourism stake

  • After Earthquake disaster construction volunteering in Nepal

    After Earthquake disaster construction volunteering in Nepal

    After Earthquake disaster, many people are willing coming Nepal and help most needy people and there are many local organizations waiting such helps of earthquake relief rebuild programs but the need is good catalyst like agency that can do a genuine connection for reconstruction of Nepal. The primary relief efforts have completed and have taught

  • Nepal after 2015 Earthquake

    Nepal after 2015 Earthquake

    We all believe that the tectonic activities formed the great Himalayas. Kathmandu valley once believed a Sea is now a land mass. The Earthquake of 2015 April and continuous aftershock’s destroyed few houses of Kathmandu and made big damage to 12 districts of Nepal taking life of almost 10,000 people. The quake made many homeless

  • Red dot, rato tika and sindoor

    Red dot, rato tika and sindoor

      The sindoor (vermilion) power is symbol of purity in Nepali culture. Sindoor or Sindur is one of the important auspicious item in the religious and cultural rituals of Nepal specially in hindu families. People offer this power to honor gods and apply in return in their forehead as red dot after visiting temples. After

  • Low cost volunteering in nepal

    Low cost volunteering in nepal

    Are you planning a volunteer trip to Nepal? Read useful tips shared by experts and decide your self. Many organizations working for sending volunteers to Nepal keep huge money for writing some emails to secure your placement. You can simply do it. Value your money joining low cost volunteer programs but make sure that you

  • Shivaratri in Nepal

    Shivaratri in Nepal

    Maha Shiva Ratri is one of the most popular hindu celebration of Nepal. God Shiva regarded as lord of the lord is supreme Hindu god of destruction. For Hindus world is the manifestation of the form of Lord Shiva. Shiva is absolute power who have no beginning, middle or ending but it is believed that

  • Monkeys in Kathmandu Temples

    Monkeys in Kathmandu Temples

      Have you seen monkeys in temple of Kathmandu? Have you visited monkey temple of Kathmandu? If you are going to visit the monkey places of Kathmandu and thinking to give some food for monkeys, read this finding about junk food and it’s affect on monkeys of Kathmandu. Monkeys are part of Kathmandu. The small

  • volunteer nepal 2 weeks

    volunteer nepal 2 weeks

      Are you looking volunteering in Nepal for 2 weeks? Third eye volunteer Nepal provides volunteer Nepal 1 week, volunteer Nepal 2 weeks up to volunteer Nepal long term programs. Generally people join volunteer work Nepal 1 month program. You can join program that suits your time. We provide volunteer opportunities in Pokhara Nepal, volunteer

  • Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work

    Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work

      Agriculture volunteer Nepal is truly for Nepal experience. Volunteering in Nepal in agricultural works let’s you know how to become happy in midst of difficulties in life. It is a action whose focus is on action it’s self but not on the result. You will involve in the works according to seasons but you

  • Best food to eat in Nepal

    Best food to eat in Nepal

    One day i had a thought- ” Do we have our special Nepali dishes to be proud of “? Most of the nepali foods are said to have come from India or Tibet and other traditions. I started to list some foods that are nepali or most famous food in Nepal and the list went

  • Volunteering in nepal teaching english

    Volunteering in nepal teaching english

    The Britishers came India and taught them English. The Indians (specially the people from Darjeeling) came to Nepal and taught English to Nepalies. Our English is very peculiar than the english spoken out by natives. The most english speaking industry in Nepal is tourism Industry. People sometime make fun that buffalo also in Thamel and

  • Buddhist Monasteries in Kathmandu Nepal

    Buddhist Monasteries in Kathmandu Nepal

    Kathmandu is called a city of Temples of now it won’t be too much if it is called city of Monasteries. Before Communist China’s take over to Tibet here were only few monasteries but now they are more than hundred. Most of them are centered in Boudhanath area and some people call it MIni Tibet