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How Can I help Nepal?

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Dear Nepal, Wishing you a truly wonderful future. May this year bring you light, peace, harmony and great new life experiences! Happy New Year 2016. This year 2015, you had many up’s and downs. You were hit by massive Earthquake and also paralyzed because of southern border blockade. The politicians did repeat the same game. You were made ugly by myopic system holders despite your immense potentiality for beauty and Harmony.

After the Earthquake, people from all round the globe poured love and compassion to help recover the innocent poor people that inhabit you but see how politicians are playing over such humanitarian issue not letting reconstruction commission to function. Shame on those who are making bargaining to fulfill their vested political interest making border blockade pushing millions of people on crisis.

People of good heart from within and outside often ask “How can I help Nepal”? People from within can help Nepal fighting against the internal diseases like corruption, blind faith to corrupted party etc becoming a conscious citizen and one from outside can help Nepal being a true ambassador.

Nepal is a touristic country and its portion of economy thrives from tourism.  Nepal has been always peaceful and friendly towards tourist because of its belief as “tourists as Gods”. If you have not come Nepal, you can come and see Nepal Himalayas. If you have already visited Nepal and if you are impressed by its beauty and hospitality, you can help by telling about it to others.  You can help Nepal joining some more meaningful trips if you have long holidays like combining Nepal adventure travel programs together with volunteering activities.

How can I help Nepal earthquake victims is another question people of compassion put to help people of Nepal who are living under open sky after devastating April Earthquake of 2015. You can help Nepal according to your level; expertise and condition under you are living. You can help by donating to some humanitarian organization that does exactly what they say or if you have time come and help physically.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful but less developed country in Asia. Together we can help Nepal. People of world please help Nepal towards peace and prosperity. People of Nepal please act towards stability and prosperity.