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Nepal post-earthquake travel advice

nepal after earthquake travel advice

People are willing to travel Nepal and we know the world humans love Nepalese but there are many rumors about Nepal they are making people think twice before taking decision to visit Nepal. Safety is the prime factor and it is important to update honestly about the situation as it is. If we tourism stake holders tell lie and bring tourists in unsafe conditions, it will be our crime and if we do not give right information and tourists only read the un-updated travel directories it will be also our unprofessional capacity in this era of information and technology.

Here are some answers of the questions people are asking us. If you have any questions unanswered from this list, please ask us and we will update this post earthquake disaster travel advice frequently asked questions.

Are the ATMs working?

Yes more than 99%. The quake is reported to damage only little branch office of banks.

Is there a Epidemic diseases Outbreak?

The situation is as it was before quake. Please always follow the safety measures.

Is there smooth supply of electricity?

As you know Nepal has normal ‘load-shedding’ schedules and despite those hours we have smooth supply as it was before quake.

Is there safe drinking water supply?

In the trekking areas you get bottle mineral water. You can collect safe clean water to treat it make drinkable. It saves money.

Can I get from one place of country to another place?

There are some land routes which are still blocked since first earthquake day like road that links Khasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu. In other parts the roads are as usual. As this is monsoon season,  there are chances of road blocks and disturbances as like risk as pre earthquake but note that the 14 worst earthquake affected districts are put on high risk. If you are planning Nepal for help travel– you can go there and if it is a pleasure travel, there are many unaffected areas to enjoy.

What is rumor of Everest sunk?

There were some reports from different agencies claiming Everest sunk etc but it stands as it was.

Is Kathmandu flattened and geography altered?

When you walk in touristic hub of Kathmandu called Thamel, you will feel as if there was no earthquake. When you visit outskirts you will see marks, some fallen houses etc. The life is normal back.

Is city more over rubble?

No and there are very few piles of rubble around, the majority have now been managed or are in the process of being managed and removed.

Which ones are the safest hotels in Kathmandu?

Most hotels were marked safe. The majority of hotels are open for business as normal. Make sure to choose one that has ‘Green Sticker’ provided by government official survey. Engineers might not have reached all hotels for survey. Visiting this link might give you some ideas which hotel to choose. http://www.drupartment.com/nepal-hotel-status

Is communication working?

Yes as it was before. Most places have wifi. You can use data from the local data providers. All communication systems work as you would normally expect.

Is there scarcity, shortage or unhygienic conditions of food?

As it was before. Monsoon is regarded as low season in Nepal and due to quake reasons the number of tourists has decreased so most restaurants do not keep open till late night but most of the favorite and popular restaurants are open for business as. It is advisable to avoid eating in small street food suppliers.

Is there exceeding crime rate?


Is there any risk of powerful aftershock when I am there?

It has been more than two months from the main Earthquake and aftershocks are starting becoming weaker and gap between them is widening. As world knows Nepal is in high seismic activity zone and it use to has always earthquakes. People are now used to with under 5 magnitude tremors. It is true that people are doing hard to come out of earthquake trauma. Come and listen their stories. One can come out of traumatic situation by telling a story. It does not mean that you have to come Nepal and visit as a tourist to help its economy keeping you at unsafe condition. Ask your intuition and if it say plan for Nepal- simply buy a ticket.