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Nepal veterinary care volunteer

Nepal veterinary volunteering

Nepal is agricultural country where about 80% of the population is involved in agricultural sector and agriculture is main economy of the country. Animal husbandry is one of the major part of Nepali agriculture. The major domesticated animals in Nepal are Horse, Mountain goat, sheep, Yak etc in the Himalayan region , and less then 3000m altitude people keep Cows, Buffaloes, goats, pig, poultry etc and in the lower land of the country called Terai region people keep Elephants beside animals like cows, goats, buffaloes, poultry etc. Dogs and cats are most popular pet animals of the country.
In Nepal the animals are treated by traditional as well as modern medicational techniques when they have problems. Slowly the traditional methods of healing animals with use of herbs and shamanic practices are now slowly replaced by modern tratment techniques. Nepal government have etablished Central veterinary Hospital and research centre in kathmandu, regional veterinary service centre in five major cities of the country and district veterinary service centers in all the 75 districts of the country and many sub veterinary service centers in different parts of districts. Nepal have one veterinary and agriculture University which produces technical veterinary manpower as well as many veterinary related research programs can be found on going. In major cities of the country like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc; there are various animal tratemnt centers, kennel clubs, dogcare centers etc. Nepal is a wonderful place to practice and learn about Animal care and veterinary related practices.
Third Eye Volunteer Nepal wel comes both technical (doctors) as well as preveterinary students who are seeking abroad volunteer programs in the country like Nepal. During volunteering period, volunteers will get chance to know about animal anatomy, pathology, take part in miner and major surgical operations of small as well as large animals. If you are thinking making research on animals of Nepal then we are here to assist you. Our veterinary volunteer programs are done under under the supervision of veterinary experts of Nepal. Write us about you, we will come with suitable programs and offers.