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Village Volunteer Program in Nepal

nepal village volunteer

Nepal is country of villages. There is big gulf to be bridged between Nepali cities and villages. The villages are naturally beautiful, culturally rich and socially amazing where people live mostly under extreme poverty with smile and unbound happiness. The villages are suffering since ages with dark veils of superstitious beliefs, poverty, idea of fatalism etc. Be the light to drive away such darkness if you want to give truly to Nepal joining village volunteer program in Nepal. You should dare to go where your presence is needed so if you are planning a volunteering trip to Nepal for making a meaningful holiday, dare to say your organization to send you in a remote village where no other volunteer have stepped.

Nepal is a multi ethnic country. The villages are filled with all kinds of diversity. You will discover what honesty is in village people of Nepal. Your very presence can be motivational. In Nepal most of the volunteer co-coordinating organizations send international volunteers to private schools of cities where much help is not needed. This can be more utilized if you give your precious time to village community.

The villages can be good learning place for you. Be a  part of the village and know what it means to be a part of certain cast system in Nepal, the Nepali  familial structure, the importance of family relation, the meanings and motives of festivals etc staying in beautiful place breathing pollution free air and eating most organic food.

In the village sometimes you might feel big cultural gap but be prepared for it and once you are familiar with in few days, all the hardships melts away. You might have doubt that how do I communicate but people can speak Basic English and how wonderful it is sometimes to live with people under minimal communication.