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In Nepal choose the location you would like to volunteer from our list. We provide wide range of volunteering locations in Nepal. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lamjung, Annapurna Region, Chitwa, Gorkha are some of the famous volunteer locations of Nepal. If you are interested working in a organic farm house in Nepal in agricultural and animal husbandry volunteer programs we offer you programs in multiple locations of your choice. Elephant care volunteer program is best program to do in Chitwan Nepal.

  • Volunteer in siurung village

    Siurung is emerging new village tourism destination of lamjung, Nepal. It has been made part of the greater annapurna circuit. The village is situated at the altitude of 1800m from sea level which is ideal point to see Mt Manaslu view. The village is rich in gurung culture and it is the main cultural attraction.

  • Volunteer in Kathmandu

    You have a lot of choices if you decide to work in Kathmandu valley and it’s out skirt Areas. All the major volunteering programs are possible in Kathmandu Valley. The Following are the most programs volunteers choose to do staying in Kathmandu. * Hold a drugs awareness camp *Work in an Orphanage * Traffic management help project *Build

  • Volunteer in Dahare

    Dahare ‘does exists’ within the district of Lamjung-no foreigners or even many Nepalese have ever been to this tiny village consisting of hand full of primitive houses. Get decide to travel into this land of darkness to understand their way of life.The main subsistence is farming but they seems also actively involved in animal husbandry,but

  • Work in orphanage home in Pokhara

    Orphanage volunteering in Pokhara is a good program for people who want to stay in beautiful city pokhara and want to do orphanage care volunteer. Loving and caring childrens is a process of searching your innerself a often a process of being wise. Volunteering in an Orphanage giving love and care to needy children is

  • Starting point of Annapurna Circuit

    Khudi lies at the confluence with the Marshyangdi River in the Lamjung District in the Western Development Region of Nepal. The region is well known for the Annapurna circuit that starts at Besisahar and passes through Khudi Bazaar, on its way North to Manang and beyond.Near there there are beautiful villages very suitable for volunteering

  • Thuli Besi

    Thuli besi is a unique village that lies in Bahunda Vdc that lies in the Annapurna circuit. The road acess links the village to other parts of the country.This village is in very beautiful location with very friendly peoples. The culture and living systems of this village is unique. Different hydro power projects are under

  • Ghale Gaun

    These days Ghale gaun has been Volunteers first choice because of its beauty and home stay facility. Village Tourism is definitely a new idea and concept emerging in the Nepalese Tourism Industry. Basically Village Tourism in Ghale gaun is introduced by Annapurna conservation area project, and has been promoted in Local level by Tourism management