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Voluntourism in Nepal for different Experience

volunteertourism in nepal

Nepal can be a good choice desitation for both long term to short term vacation. You can commit some volunteer program and also use some days for yourself to experience the best adventure activities Nepal offers like trekking, rafting, jungle safari etc being volunteer tourist.

The program dates are not set in adavanced so you can join from any individual dates that suits you and for length on your interest. The combining of volunteering and tourism makes your program cost lesser.

Most of the programs offered in voluntourism does not need prior expertises and skills. It is learning by doing. There are projects that ranges from costruction opportunities for community to teaching assiatance in local schools or working for conservation.

The work under the supervisor who has experience of the field makes you polished. If the participants are joining the programs that are related working for childrens, the ethical background of the applicants is checked.

Put your heart in the right place and choose a program that gives to community and adds some skills and experiences to your self. Make it a two way traffic activity. Take a vaccation to see and also to give. Combine two and come Nepal as a volunteertourist to give her and to give to yourself.

Look for voluntourism if you want and make impact and experience something different. Third eye foundation nepal provides volunteering activities combined with travel activities.