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Best Nepal Volunteer programs for Visit Nepal year 2020

nepal visit year 2020

Nepal Government is going to celebrate 2020 as Nepal visit year aiming to welcome two million tourists in Nepal. Nepal a beautiful country lived by kindhearted people is liked by tourists and the arrival of tourist to Nepal is increasing every year. Nepal being a Himalayan country with high mountains, rich culture, ethnic diversity and many more it has not been able to welcome the desired number of travelers to Nepal because of following reasons. Nepal don’t have much publicity in the outer world as it is a small country sandwiched between India and China. Nepal don’t have big infrastructure that connects Nepal with rest of the world. Nepal is landlocked country and has only a single International airport in its capital which can handle limited number of small to medium aircrafts.

Volunteer tourism has become important part of Nepali tourism since few years as Voluntourism has been increasing globally and it has become different way of travelling for a meaningful purpose. Nepal government has not defined Voluntourism clearly and acknowledged its impact, voluntourism has become major part of Nepal tourism. We would like to welcome you to Nepal as a volunteer to make Nepal visit year 2020 a grand success. Get special discounts for Nepal volunteer tourism 2020 package as offered by Third eye Foundation Nepal to have Nepal experience deeper and special. Volunteering trip to Nepal connects you with Nepal deeper as it will help you discover your potentiality through giving and learning at the same time.

Teaching Volunteer in a mountain school

Nepal has private and public-school systems. In Kathmandu about 90% students go to private school and 10% to public school but in the rural areas the children go to Government supported public schools where English teaching volunteers are in high demand. Joining this program staying in a rural homestay and teaching in a public village school, you will have natural and authentic living experience. You can join these programs from two weeks up to five months long.

If you would like to take some time off from your hectic life and want some solitude and bliss in your life than this is interesting program. In this program you will stay with local host farmers from the mountain village and help them with their seasonal agricultural work ranges from planting to harvesting. You will dip your feet’s in most organic soil that can nourish your emotions and results in wellbeing. We invite you to join this program and live a happy life of a farmer as a farmer for few weeks to months.

  • Teaching in a Buddhist Monastery

Nepal has become a learning place of different spiritual traditions. Buddhism has been accepted in the modern world as technique of peace. Spiritualism is universal and it has nothing to do with religion. If you would like to teach Buddhist monks from English language to computer skills to games if you are good at and in return if you would love to learn Buddhist awakening technique from the monks then we would love to have you as a Buddhist monastery teaching volunteer in Nepal visit year 2020.

  • Elephant care volunteer

If you love animals and would love to come and take care of Elephants doing activities like bathing them, feeding them, cleaning them, making food for them then you can become Nepal visit year 2020 volunteer to help Nepal and get reward of compassion and happiness from Nepal.

  • Children care program

There are many children care centers in Nepal where they have beautiful kids like you were and your siblings were long ago. Because of poverty and many reasons either orphaned or poor children are sent to childcare homes for better living and good opportunity of education. There are debates and news too that many children homeowners make much money for their self always keeping children in vulnerable condition but there are many good people who have dedicated their whole life for the love and kindness to others. If you have a kind heart which wants to share love and make special impact on the life of other children then join Nepal Children care program for Nepal visit year 2020.