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Why help in Child Education? According to Wikipedia, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with the highest poverty rate. This is partly due to the fact that many Nepalese children do not have a chance to go to school. Third Eye Volunteer Nepal is attempting to improve these statistics by running a sponsorship program for children of low-income families in Nepal. We Try to Support the child from marginalized community with poorer back ground as far as possible. Sponsorship through Third Eye Volunteer provides children with the invaluable opportunity to enter or remain in education, and realize their full potential. Sponsorship Options:
Children most in need of sponsorship are identified in conjunction with the head teachers of schools, village development committees and community representatives. For these children you have the opportunity to provide in the following ways.

Our Sponsorship Options :

Full Sponsorship: $250

Half Sponsorship: $200

Yearly Expenses for each child

SN. Item Cost
1 School re-admission and Books $75
2 School Uniform & Bag $75
3 Stationary $80
4 Miscellaneous $20
Total: $250

From 2008 Third Eye Volunteers Nepal has been sponsoring the following children:

Please help us donating money, stationery items, clothes etc that we provide to needy childs.Your small contribution helps to create a better world.

Asmita Ghimire

Asmita 11 years old and studies in Lower secondary level in Amar Higher secondary school in Khudi beni Lamjung. She lives with her parents and family is broken when her elder sister sucided and her small brother died.. They are a poor, landless family who survive working for others.Third Eye Volunteers Nepal has been funding her education.

Sarita Bhujel

Sarita is 8 years old and studies in nursery in Kamala Primary school. She lives with her mother, one older sister, one older brother and two younger sisters. They are also a very poor, lower caste family without land.Her father died 3 years ago while fishing in marshyangdi River

Anita & Bikash Timilsana

Bikash is 8 years old and lives with his father and one sister Anita who is 13 years old. Their mother died five years ago as a result of a lightening strike. The family is very poor and the father health condition is not good. Bikash attends Jateshore lower secondary School, Thulibesi 09 Lamjungi and studies in Class 3. Anita attends the same school and studies in class 7.

Binita Adhikari

Binita has got an interesting life story. She was left in the jungle when only a few days old and was found by an old woman from Nauthar village whilst out gathering wood one day. Now she is 5 years old and the woman and her husband are getting very old. Although they are unhappy to say that she is an orphan, they realize that they will be unable to care for her in the long term. They also both suffer from Asthma. This Girl was recommended by Mr. Kamalnath Adhikari who is our Host Family and does social service in his own village.

Smriti Ghimire

Smriti is 09 years old and studies in class 5 at Himchuli English Boarding School. She lives with her 3 older sisters, mother and grandparents. Her father went to work in Malaysia 5 years ago but has neither returned or sent any money to support his family. This family is our host Family next to our Children’s Resource Centre in Khudi lamjung. Since 2 years Smriti has been receiving a scholarship funded by Good Karma Trekking Nepal.

Sandip Adhikari

Sandip is 14 years old and studies in class 9 at Shree Chaitanyodaya secondary school in Lamjung.He lives with his brother and sister and his mother. His father was killed in the last decades bloody peoples war.This family is very poor without land and survives by fishing inMarshyangdi River.. They are also our Host Family in this area. Since 3 Sandip has been receiving a scholarship .

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Sponsor A Orphan Child

Our sponsorship program is designed to assure sustainability for the children in Nepal and to promote a special long-term bond between the sponsor and the child.

Support Education For Girls

Support education for girls in Nepal like Teaching English to girls in Nepal, Teaching nuns in a monastery.

Support For Community Health Program

Volunteers are requested to support community health program.

Support Street Children Program

Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas around Nepal and especially in Kathmandu.

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