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  • Definitely amazing

    In August 2013 I met Bijaya, a friendly and trustworty Nepalese man who I would travel for four weeks. Along with a group of 15 other man we did voluntary work, a trekking and traveling around Nepal all together. The presence of Bijaya has been greatly appreciated. Not only because he was an excellent guide

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    Web site Tilte Discription Reciprocal link Email Link Exchange Code <a href=”http://volunteersummernepal.org”>Voulunter Summer Nepal</a> Comment Message

  • Volunteer profile

          Name :Marta Ribon Country: Spain Program: Teaching Aid Program http://www.creacionespompon.com         Name:Nkili Brimingham Country: USA Program:Elephant Care Program https://www.facebook.com/nkilib      Name:Daniela Suceiva Country:Romania https://www.facebook.com/daniela.suceava   Name: Kasia Gazewska Country:Poland https://www.facebook.com/kasiafaina      Name : Jason Alpert Country: USA Program: Veterinary Volunteer http://jpalpert.blog.com/  Name : Kla Huang Country: Taiwan

  • Your Home in Nepal

     Stay in Nepal Eco home as a home stay volunteer with Nepali host family and experience village life in Nepal. Home is a place where there is Love, respect, mutuality, peace and meditative atmosphere. Life is to live and it is a journey from known to unknown. You can discover many aspects of Nepali society

  • Child adoptation

    Nepal is the twelfth poorest country in the world and it has an extensive history of extreme poverty and social unrest.  Amongst other factors, the poverty in Nepal is one of the key reasons why people are likely to choose Nepal when deciding to adopt a child from abroad. The adoption of children from both

  • Get Married In Nepal

    Get Married In Nepal

    Weddings in Nepal are momentous occasions which are often planned years in advance of the wedding itself. In line with other festivals in Nepal, weddings are colourful and beautiful events. Traditionally, weddings in Nepal are arranged by the respective families. It is not uncommon for matches to be decided when the two individuals are still

  • Nepal Rituals

    To know about amazing rituals of Nepal see the topic pages. Nepal has amazing rituals in practice like Kumari pratha, chaupadi pratha, Deukee pratha, bal bibaha, child marriage, polyandry marriage system, polygamy system. Nepal is very good place for cultural studies and sociological researches. Nepal is a living cultural museum. Nepal is very rich in

  • Location

    In Nepal choose the location you would like to volunteer from our list. We provide wide range of volunteering locations in Nepal. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lamjung, Annapurna Region, Chitwa, Gorkha are some of the famous volunteer locations of Nepal

  • Adventure Activities

    Adventure Activities in Nepal Whether you choose to balloon, bungy jump, canyon, ice-climb, rock climb, climb trekking peaks, fly over mountains or fly an ultralight, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal. The Himalayas have long since held a mysterious attraction to travelers and trekkers alike. In recent years, there has been a surge

  • Research Programs

    Nepal can be an excellent place if you are planning to do research in a variety of interests. Many come for academic research such as masters and PhD degrees. The movie, ‘Caravan’, was made by a Westerner after his thorough Research of the ethnic people living in the Dolpo Culture in that region. Many come

  • News & Events

    Third Eye Volunteer Nepal – How it started Bijaya grew up in the rural location of Lamjung, a fairly privileged area for Nepal. Despite his upbringing, Bijaya had a strong curiosity to experience life in very underprivileged areas of Nepal, so he became a volunteer science teacher at in Thulibesi upon finishing high school in

  • Yoga & Meditation

    Since ancient times Nepal has been the center for Spiritual activities. Nepal is the land of great sages, the seekers of truths, and the devotees. According to nature of people there are various methods of suitable spiritual paths. People here practice number of methods that suits them most. The society is diverse. Some people still

  • Tour

    Nepal is the home to world’s highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails on the earth. Mt Everest, 8848 m and eight out of world’s ten highest mountains are in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya, especially Everest and Annapurna treks are world class trekking holidays of great reward. We offer

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  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 1. Who are we? Third Eye Volunteers Nepal (TEV-Nepal) is a charitable organization founded on a belief that we could do more for volunteers and bring difference to create better world, better humanity. In our team we are university graduates, business personas, local social servers, teachers, meditation center director, and journalist,

  • Contact

    Third Eye Volunteer Nepal(TEV Nepal) Email : info@volunteersummernepal.org bgpowerhouse@gmail.com Tel: 0977-1-4700725, Cell : 9841928192, 9849294984 Skype Id:bgpowerhouse P.O. Box : 9788 Kathmandu, Nepal   Bank Details  Citizens Bank International Ltd Account Name:Third Eye Foundation Nepal Account No:0110000063CA SWIFT CODE : CTZNNPKA

  • About Us

    We are your friends, brothers,activists or say human friends in Nepal who would like to share human warmth together up to needy people to make world better place to live. We have dream of making world a better place to live and together we can make it. We Third Eye foundation Nepal are here for

  • Program Fee

    Third Eye Volunteer foundation Nepal charges most reasonable small fee for Nepal volunteer program. Our volunteer programs are free volunteer program and small fee that we take from volunteer will be utilized for fooding and accommodation. The money goes to transportation, airport pickup and transfer, guided city tour in Kathmandu etc. Read more in include