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Volunteer program

volunteer work in Nepal

Are you seeking volunteer programs in Nepal? We provide excellent volunteer service in Nepal with volunteer work of your choice. Volunteering in Nepal can be life time experience when you make volunteer in Nepal orphanage. We provide various volunteer opportunities in Nepal. You can volunteer in Nepal for free with Third Eye Volunteer Nepal. Choose volunteer program in Nepal and make Nepal trekking joining charity trekking program with us. Volunteers in Nepal are always in demand and they can make positive impact in the life of locals. Dare to travel Nepal for volunteer work in Nepal Kathmandu. Learn all the volunteering opportunities in Nepal available. Teach for Nepal joining volunteer abroad Nepal program.
There are many ngo in Nepal who offers volunteer service. Join our volunteer orphanage Nepal program or volunteer in Nepal monastery and experience difference yourself. We provide medical volunteer Nepal program, internship in Nepal program. If you are seeking gap year volunteer work or volunteer work abroad contact us. Teach for Nepal and provide volunteer service.

  • Sports volunteering in Nepal

           Many Sports are famous in Nepal and sports volunteering is one of the  good Nepal volunteer program.Nepal takes part in different competitions in South Asian level, Asian level and also in some games in Olympics. Nepal is best in marshal arts games like Judo, karate, boxing etc. Nepal has some traditional games

  • Group volunteer program

    Group volunteer program

    Third eye volunteer Nepal offers group volunteer program in Nepal. Join volunteer program in Nepal offered by Third Eye Volunteer Foundation. We offer very creative bunch of Nepal volunteer programs for groups of high school students, university students, corporate groups, people from clubs, from institutions who like to travel in a group to Nepal and

  • Let’s Act – For Women

    Poverty, social division and superstitious beliefs victimize thousands of women and young girls in Nepal. Women trafficking is one o the worst problem o the country.  Most of these women are from poor families. There are also some divorced women, mostly uneducated and a few young girls who have been cast aside. These women and young girls have

  • Volunteer in a rehabilitation center

    Volunteer in a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities In Nepal Help people with disabilities, neuromuscular and terminal diseases to carry out with their healing and rehabilitation process with self-respect, while having fun with them. Have a direct influence in their healing process; improve their quality of life by contributing not only to their emotional

  • City Guide Volunteer

      Nepal has been the choice dream destination for hundreds of visitors each day. Many tourists who come Nepal go on a city tour to famous touristic places of Nepal specially the world heritage sites of Kathmandu like Pashupatinath Shiva temple, swoyambhunath stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan durbar square etc. The licensed tour

  • Hello retired & senior volunteers

    Retired and senior people can contribute being a volunteer in Nepal for Nepal. It adds happiness in their inner realm. The experience, knowledge of people over 60 is valuable resource for humanity. It is inspiring force. Join volunteer programs offered by third eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal and experience something valuable in your life. Join our

  • Nepal internship program

    Nepal internship program

    For various reason, Nepal is a good place for Internship programs. People who visit Nepal say that the people here are so friendly for the tourists. In Nepal tourists are regarded next to God. Nepali society is developing society . The traditional practices are day by day replaced by New practices and systems in the

  • Nepal spiritual volunteer program

    Nepal Church Volunteer Program Nepal church volunteer program provides unique experience to volunteers who are willing to share Love as taught by Jesus to Christian community of Nepal. Nepal is such a unique country where religious harmony has been maintained since ages. The majority of people in Nepal are Hindus and Buddhist but still here

  • Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness

    Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness Program Third eye volunteer Nepal offers environmental volunteering programs in Nepal. Environmental sanitation program are very important volunteering programs for countries like Nepal in the present situation. Join Recycle-reuse volunteer program to help Nepal keep Green. In Nepal the street children’s collect recycle-reuse things from garbage pile like plastics, papers, rubbers, bottles

  • Nepal health camp volunteer

    Nepal health camp volunteer

    Hold a medical camp(dental/eye/women health etc) Third Eye Volunteers has a variety of health placements to ensure that your medical expertise reach the neediest people. Adequate medical care is a serious problem specially in rural and urban areas of Nepal. The rapid movement of people to Kathmandu due to the civil war and to seek

  • Cleanliness Program

    Participate in Ponds, lakes rivers cleaning programs Water is base of life. These days water bodies are being polluted The famous lakes of Nepal like Phewa lake ,Rara lake, Begnas Lake, twenty thousand lake in chitwan as well as major ponds and rivers near by cities are getting polluted .This is bringing the disbalance in

  • Cultural exchange volunteer

    Cultural exchange volunteer

    Home stay management and cultural exchange programs In Nepal the general concept of tourism is changing .Government is aiming developing the main culturally, naturally, historically important villages as village tourism centers. In those villages there is facility of home stay. They have full filled the basic tourist standard as coded by the government. In Nepal

  • Drug Awareness volunteer program

      Hold a drugs awareness camp We believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country and whole humanity, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment. To accomplish this, Third Eye Volunteers runs several programs throughout the year, including the distribution of Drug Awareness Pamphlets, a Poster

  • Traffic Help volunteering

      This program is intended to create awareness as well as help to regulate traffic on the roads of Nepal .In Nepal many road accidents are caused to to lack of Knowledge on Traffic rules.The volunteers in this program have to work on urban areas where traffic system is un managed.They work in the help

  • Computer training program nepal

    Computer Training/Aid program: In Nepal, computer literacy is a skill which is valued almost as highly as standard literacy! It is therefore a huge advantage to learn the basics of computer use and this is something which our volunteers of Computer Education Program ( CEP ) can help with. By assisting children and youths with

  • Book Donation Program

    Books donation programs to local libraries and schools in Nepal Most public libraries and school in Nepal accept gift books. The libraries of schools and public libraries are in always need of aid and they warmly wel come the aid. Persons seeking to donate books to libraries are encouraged to contact us so we will send

  • Blood Donation program

    Organize a blood donation program/donate blood You don’t have to be only Doctor or Nurse to save lives. The Nepal Red cross Society blood transfusion service is always looking for blood donors to provide blood for the patients .Blood donors can come from all areas of life.If you are feeling fit and healthy, aged between