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Volunteer in Dahare

Dahare ‘does exists’ within the district of Lamjung-no foreigners or even many Nepalese have ever been to this tiny village consisting of hand full of primitive houses. Get decide to travel into this land of darkness to understand their way of life. The main subsistence is farming but they seems also actively involved in animal husbandry,but to supplement they also extract wild bee honey and hunt wild life for fresh meat. The landscape is rugged yet beautiful with untouched charm of uniqueness that modernity has not penetrated. If Volunteer activities can be linked to his small settlement ,it would be beneficial for villagers to sustain life with in it’s wilderness frame and yet maintain it’s unique blend of life style. The volunteer activities in Dhare gaun If you would like to do short period adventurous volunteer works then Dahare can be the suitable place. The following activities can be done there.

1.Help and participate in wild honey hunting program.

2.Organize a health camp/medical camp

3. Organize hygienic awareness program

4.Toilet /community building/school construction

5. Warm clothes distribution programs etc

Overview travel plan of Dahare 1.Kathmandu-Besishar(6 hrs drive/180km) 2.Besisahar-Ngadi(3.5hrs/10km+Thulibesi 1hrs walk) 3.Thuli Beshi-Sangla- dahare(7 hours )or Thuli Beshi-Naiche-Dahare(7 hrs/1720m)

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