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Learn Basic Nepali Language

Learn Basic Nepali: A Comprehensive Guide


Nepal, a land of breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures, is a popular destination for travelers and volunteers alike. To truly immerse yourself in the Nepalese experience, learning the basics of the Nepali language can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re planning a trip, volunteering in Nepal, or just interested in expanding your linguistic horizons, this guide will help you learn basic Nepali using a variety of keywords related to language acquisition.

  1. How to Learn Nepali Fast: If you’re eager to pick up the essentials of the Nepali language quickly, there are several effective methods you can employ. Utilize language learning apps, take online courses, or consider hiring a private tutor. Immersing yourself in the language by practicing daily and conversing with native speakers can also accelerate your learning process.
  2. Nepali Language Basics: Before diving into more advanced language concepts, start with the basics. Learn common greetings like “Namaste” (Hello) and “Dhanyabad” (Thank you). Familiarize yourself with numbers, days of the week, and essential phrases that will help you navigate daily interactions.
  3. Nepali for Beginners: If you’re just starting, don’t be overwhelmed. Learning Nepali for beginners can be enjoyable and manageable. Begin with simple vocabulary and gradually build your knowledge. Focus on pronunciation, as proper enunciation is crucial in Nepali.
  4. Nepali Phrases: Nepali phrases play a significant role in communication. Understanding and using phrases like “Kasto Cha?” (How are you?) and “Tapaiiko Naam Ke Ho?” (What is your name?) can make your interactions more meaningful and enjoyable.
  5. Nepali Words: Expand your vocabulary by learning Nepali words related to common objects, places, and activities. This will enable you to express yourself more effectively and engage in basic conversations.
  6. Learn Nepali Online: In today’s digital age, you can easily access online resources to learn Nepali. Numerous websites and apps offer comprehensive lessons, pronunciation guides, and interactive exercises to help you become proficient in the language.
  7. Speak Nepali: Practice speaking Nepali regularly, even if it’s just in front of a mirror or with a language exchange partner. Speaking aloud helps improve your pronunciation and confidence when conversing with native speakers.
  8. Nepali Language Learning for Volunteers: If you’re planning to volunteer in Nepal, acquiring some knowledge of the Nepali language can enhance your experience. Communicating with local communities in their language can foster deeper connections and understanding.
  9. Nepali Conversation: Engaging in Nepali conversations, even at a basic level, can lead to meaningful interactions and cultural immersion. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; locals will appreciate your effort to communicate in their language.
  10. Nepali Language Resources: Explore a variety of language learning resources, including textbooks, audio courses, and online forums. Surround yourself with Nepali media such as movies, music, and books to further improve your language skills.

Conclusion: Learning basic Nepali is a rewarding endeavor that can enrich your experiences in Nepal and open doors to meaningful interactions with its people. Whether you’re a traveler, volunteer, or simply passionate about languages, the journey to mastering Nepali is an exciting and culturally enriching one. Embrace the challenge, practice consistently, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Nepali culture through its language. Namaste!

Greetings / Civilities

Hello, Goodbye namaste
Thank you dhanyabaad
How are you? Tapaain laaee kasto chha?
What is your name? Tapaainko naam ke ho?
My name is ‘Bijaya’. mero naam ‘Bijaya’ ho.
I hope we meet again. Pheri bhetaunlaa.
Please speak more slowly. Bistaarai bolnuhos.
Do you speak English? Tapaain angrejee boln saknuhunchha?
Yes, I speak English. Ho, ma angrejee bolchhu.
I only speak a little English. Ma ali ali angrejee bolchhu.
I can speak a little Nepali. Ma ali ali Nepali bolchhu.
Please say it again. Pheri bhannuhos.
Excuse me, sorry maaph garnuhos
Where are you going? Kahaan jaane?
To ‘Patan’ ‘Patan’ma
I want to change money. Ma paisaa saatna chaahanchhu.
May I take a photo? Ke ma tasbeer khichna sakchhu?
Could you take my photo? Mero tasbeer khichna saknu hunchha?

Health / Hospital

altitude sickness lekh laagyo
accident durghatanaa
asthma damko byathaa/ damko biraami
bleeding ragat aaunu
blood pressure Rakta chaap
contraceptive garbha nirodhak
injection sooee
ointment malam
test jaanch
health swastha
constipation disaa banda/ dishaa kadaa
common cold rughaa
cough khokee
a cut/ wound ghaau
medicine aushadhi
dehydration paaneeko maatraa kamti bhayeko.
food poisoning khaanaa kharaab.
indigestion Apach
doctor Daaktar
faint Murchhaa parnu
malaria Aulo
cholera Haijaa
sprain Markaaee
sore throat ghaantee dukheko
headache taauko dukhnu
toothache daanta dukhyo
dentist daantako daaktar
I have a cold. Malaaee rugaa laageko chha.
Gravely ill sikeesta biraamee
fever Joro
Where is the health post/ clinic/ hospital? Chikitsaalay/ aspataal kahaan chha?
Where is the chemist/ pharmacy? Aushadi pasal kahaan chha?
Where is the dentist? Daanto ko daaktar kahaan chha?
I have to see a doctor. Ma daaktarkomaa jaanu chha.
I have caught a fever. Malaaee joro aayo.
Did you take any medicine? Aushadhi khaanu bhayo?
I am feeling fine now. Ahile ma theek bhayeko mahasus gareko chhu.


boy Ketaa
girl Ketee
man manchhe/ mard
woman swasni manchhe/ aimaaee

On the move – Trekking

beside the trail baato chheu
on the trail Baatomai
off the trail baato baahira
near the trail baato najik
Let’s go slowly. Bistarai jaau.
Let’s stay here. Yaha basau.
Stomach ache pet dukhyo
slippery trail chiplo baato
tent Tripaal
Which is the way to ‘Jomsom’? ‘Jomsom’ jaane baato kun ho?
Where have you come from? Tapaain kahaanbaata aaunubhaeko ho?
From ‘Jomsom’. ‘Jomsom’baata.
It takes four hours. Haameelaaee chaar ghantaa laagchha.
Where can I spend the night? Baas basna kahaan paainchha?
What time do we start our trek? Kati baje trek shuru garne?
How many hours will it take? Kati ghantaa laagchha?
About four hours. Chaar ghantaa jati laagchha.
How is the trail? Baato kaso chha?
Good, but steep. Raamro,taraukaalo.
Is food available there? Tyahaan khaanaa paainchha?


How much? Kati paisa? / kati ho?
Please give it to me more cheaply. Ali shastomaa dinos.
It’s too expensive. Dherai mahango bhayo.
Please reduce the price. Mol ali kam grarnuhos.
I can only give you (amount) rupees. Ma (rupees) maatrai dina sakchhu.
What is the price of this? Yesko mol kati ho?
What is your last price? Antim daam kati ho?
Was this made inNepal? Yo Nepaalmaa baneko ho?
I need….. malaaee……. chaahinchha.
I don’t need…… malaaee…… chaahindaina.
What is this? Yo ke ho?


Is there a place to stay here? Yahaan baas basna paainchha?
I need a room. Ma eutaa kotha chaahanchhu.
How much for one night? Ek raatko kati ho?
Can I see a room? Ma kothaa herna sakchhu?
Please bring water/ boiled water. Paanee/ umaaleko paanee lyaaidinos.
This room is dirty. Yo kothaa phohar/ mailaa chha.
Do you have a room? Kothaa paainchha?
I would like a single/ double room. Malaaee ekjanaakolaagi/ duijanaakolaagi kothaa chhaheenchha.


I want to rent a bicycle. Ma saikal bahaalmaa lina chahanchhu.
How much do you charge? Kati bhaada linu hunchha?
I am looking for a bank. Ma baink khojeeraheko chhu.
What time does it open/ close? Kati baje khulchha/ banda hunchha?
Where is the American Express office? American Express ko aphis kahaan chha?
Where can I exchange my money? Ma paisaa kahaan saatna sakchhu?
Can you give me smaller change for this? Malaaee yesko khujura dina saknuhunchha?
I want to change my traveller’s cheque. Ma mero travalars chek saatna chahanchhu.


Today I lost my bag and passport. Aaja mero jholaa ra raahadaanee haraayo.
Someone stole my bag. Mero jholaa choree bhayo.
My bike got stolen. Mero baaik choree bhayo.
My passport number….. Mero raahadaaneeko nambar…..
I had Rs. 3000 and US$ 200 in my wallet. Mero jholaamaa teen hazaar Nepaalee rupaiyaan ra duee saya Amereekee dallar thiyo.
Where is the police station? Pulis stesan kahaan chha?


April-May Baishaakh
May-June Jeth/ Jestha
June-July Asaar
July-August Saaun/ Sraawan
August-September Bhaadra
September-October Ashoj
October-November Kaartik
November-December Mangsir
December-January Pus
January-February Maagh
February-March Phaalgun
March-April Chaitra


Sunday Aaitabar
Monday Sombaar
Tuesday Mangalbaar
Wednesday Budhabaar
Thursday Bihibaar
Friday Shukrabaar
Saturday Shanibaar
today aaja
tomorrow bholi
day after tomorrow parsee
yesterday hijo
in the morning bihaana
in the afternoon diunso
in the evening belukaa
at night raati
tomorrow morning bholi bihaana
this evening aaja belukaa
day after tomorrow morning parsee bihaana


hour ghantaa
immediately bittikai
time, period belaa
afternoon diunso
day din
evening belukaa
week haptaa
night raatee
year barsha
always sadhain
instant tak
now ahile
What time is it? Kati bajyo?
1 o’clock ek bajyo
10 o’clock dasha bajyo
morning bihaana
minute Mine

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 Hello/ Goodbye  Namaste
 How are you?  Tapain-lai kasto chha?
 Excuse me  Hajur
 Please (give me)  Dinuhos
 Please (you have)  Khanuhos
 Thank you  Dhanyabad

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 I  Ma
 Yes (I have)  Cha
 No (I don’t have)  Chhaina
 OK  Theekcha
 Where?  Kaha?
 Here  Yaha
 There  Tyaha
 Good/ Pretty  Ramro
 Do you speak English?  Tapai angreji bolna saknu hunchha?
 I only speak a little Nepali.  Ma ali ali Nepali bolchhu
 I understand  Ma bujhchu
 I didn’t understand  Maile bujhina
 Please say it again  Pheri bhanuhos
 Please speak more slowly  Tapai bistarai bolnuhos
 I don’t need it  Malai chahina
 I don’t have it  Ma sanga chhaina
 Wait a minute  Ek chin parkhanos
  Getting Around  

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 How much to get to ……….?  …..kolagi kati paisa lagchha?
 Is it far from here?  Yaha bata tadha parchha?
 Can I walk there?  Hidera jana sakinchha?
 I want to go ………..  Ma …………. Janchhu
 Where does this bus go?  Yo bus kaha janchha?
 How much is it to go to ……..?  ……….jana kati parchha?

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 Where is a guesthouse /hotel /campsite/  lodge?  guesthouse/hotel/campsite/lodge kaha  chha?
 What is the address?  Thegana ke ho?
 Please write down the address  Thegana lekhidinuhos
 Can I get a place to stay here?  Yaha basne thhau paunchha?
 May I look at the room?  Kotha herna sakchhu?
 How much is it per night?  Ek ratko, kati paisa ho?
 Does it include breakfast?  Bihanako khana samet ho?

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 Which way is ………………..?  …………………jane bato kata parchha?
 Is there a village nearby?  Najikai goun parchha?
 How many hours/ days to …….?  …………. Pugna kati ghanta/din laagchha?
 Where can I get a porter?  Bhariya kaha payinchha?
 I want to sleep  Malai sutna man lagyo
 I’m feeling cold  Malai jado lagyo
 Please give me water  Malai pani dinuhos
  Food and Drink  

English Phrase

 Nepali Translation

 I’m a vegetarian  Ma sakahari hun
 What is this/ that?  Yo/ tyo ke ho?
 Food/ meal  Khana
 Bread (loaf)  (Pau) Roti
 Rice/ cooked rice  Chamal/ bhat
 Green, leafy vegetable  Sag
 Meat  Masu
 Vegetable (cooked)  Tarkari
 Lentils  Dal
 Egg  Anda/ phul
 Fruit  Phal
 Sugar  Chini
 Salt  Noon
 Pepper  Marich
 Curd  Dhai
 Milk  Dudh
 Tea  Chiya
 Water  Paani

English Phrase

Nepali Translation

 Where is the market?  Bazaar kaha chha?
 What is it made of?  Kele baneko?
 How much?  Kati
 I like this  Malai yo ramro lagyo
 I don’t like this  Malai yo ramro lagena
 Money  Paisa
 Cheap  Sasto
 Expensive  Mahango
 Less  Kam
 More  Badhi
 Little bit  Alikati

English phrase

Nepali Translation

 Where can I find a good doctor?  Ramro daktar kaha paincha?
 Where is the hospital?  Yaha aspatal kaha chha?
 I don’t feel well  Malai sancho chhaina
 I have diarrhea  Pakhala lagyo
 I have altitude sickness  Lek lagyo
 I have fever  Joro ayo
 I’m having trouble breathing  Sas pherna sakdina
 Medicine  Ausadhi
 Pharmacy  Ausadhi pasal

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