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Learn to Sing Nepali Song

Learn a Nepali song-Resham pheeree Ree

Chorus: Resham pheeree Ree, Resham pheeree Ree
Udeyra jaunkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham pheeree Ree

(My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind
I can not decide whether to fly or sit on the hill top)

Ek naley bunduk,dui naley bunduk ,mriga lai takey ko
Mriga lai mailey takey ko hoeina ,may alai dankey ko

(one barreled gun,two barrled gun targeted at deer?
It’s not the deer that I am aimimg at ,but at my beloved)

Repeat chorus

Kukur lai kutti kutti biralo lai suri
Timro hamro maya priti dobato ma kuri

(To the dog it’s puppy ,puppy ,to the cat it’s mew meow
Our love is waiting at crossroads)

Repeat chorus

Saano ma sano gaiko bachho bhirai ma Ram Ram
Chodera jana sakena mailey ,baru maya sanghai jham

(The tiny baby calf is in danger at precipice
I could not leave it there,let’s go together, my love)

Repeat chorus
Kodo charyo ,makai charyo dhan chareko chaina
Pachi,pachi na au Kanchi manpareko chaina

(Millet is planted , corn is planet but not the rice
Don’t follow me little girl,because I don’t like you)

Repeat chorus

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