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Third Eye Volunteer Nepal – How it started

Bijaya grew up in the rural location of Lamjung, a fairly privileged area for Nepal. Despite his upbringing, Bijaya had a strong curiosity to experience life in very underprivileged areas of Nepal, so he became a volunteer science teacher at in Thulibesi upon finishing high school in 2004. This school became very inspired by his teaching efforts and has since rose to be one of much success for the region. Bijaya witnessed a new sense of inspiration infused in the people of Thulibesi since teaching there and he thought that if it only took one person to bring such a positive change, then much can be improved in Nepalese society and the world at large with many people volunteering from their hearts. Once Thulibesi had an education system that was capable of continuing to improve on its own, Bijaya decided to attend Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu and he received his BA in English Literature and Philosophy in 2008.

In 2009, while serving as a guide for a trekking company in tourism throughout the Himalayas, Bijaya witnessed an extreme amount of suffering from severe financial poverty, poor sanitation, and lack of adequate education. He decided to do something about it – Third Eye Volunteer Nepal was born (in 2010 he used much money from his trekking job to create a website). He also decided to go on for further education and completed his Master’s in English Literature and Philosophy in June 2012. Since this time, Bijaya has been able to dedicate himself full time to building Third Eye Volunteer Nepal. He dreams that his country will someday be happy and much unnecessary suffering can end forever. Step by step, volunteer by volunteer, day by day, we can all help affect positive change.

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