Book Donation Program

Books donation programs to local libraries and schools in Nepal

Most public libraries and school in Nepal accept gift books. The libraries of schools and public libraries are in always need of aid and they warmly wel-come the aid. Persons seeking to donate books to libraries are encouraged to contact us so we will send up to local library. It would be very good if you make it a part of volunteering and directly giving book by yourself organizing a function.

You can either buy books here or collect new or used books there and bring it with yourself or send up to us.
If possible you can help create and furnish libraries within existing children’s centers; and schools. We enable children who may not have access to a public library to discover the world of books.

Let’s purchase and donate library bound books to create an actual lending program to familiarize children with standard practices. Books should be carefully selected to reflect the backgrounds and life experiences of the children in that community. We can donate also child friendly chairs and tables, colorful carpets, listening centers, puppets, motivational posters and more if possible..

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Other Services

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Computer Teaching Volunteer in Nepal

Computer Training/Aid program:

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Drug Awareness Volunteer Program

Hold a drugs awareness camp

We believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country and whole humanity, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment.

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HIV AIDS awareness program

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Teach English Program Nepal

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