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Third eye volunteer Nepal offers group volunteer program in Nepal. Join volunteer program in Nepal offered by Third Eye Volunteer Foundation. We offer very creative bunch of Nepal volunteer programs for groups of high school students, university students, corporate groups, people from clubs, from institutions who like to travel in a group to Nepal and make positive impact on the live of local people in one hand and experience Nepal in a better way with rich experience in another hand with best programs and most reasonable volunteer cost. Our volunteer programs offered are free of cost and the small money you pay is used for managing your food and accomodation while your volunteer stay in Nepal. In Nepal group volunteer program participants will be discovering Nepali way of life, it’s cultural and different aspects in details. Our group volunteering Nepal programs helps the teenage students from highscool to travel Nepal in most cheaper cost, do here community benefitting service and have different cultural experience.

After reading your requirements we will make a creative volunteering Itinerary that suits your needs. We offer unique and creative volunteer programs in Nepal no organizations offer. From the planning phase to program phase the program are run by the great expertise suggestion and care by our co-coordinators. The group volunteer travelers can do volunteering works related to different sectors of Nepali society like educational sector help to humanitarian works.

When we receive an email in our inbox or phone call from your group representative for Nepal volunteer program may be your teacher or professor or leader of the group we will send customized program with details. After exchange of number of emails we will give final shape to the program addressing your needs. The rough Itinerary now gets final shape and mostly the program phase will be of three stage but it depends and gets changed with the need, time and interest of group to group.

The first phase of the program will be Orientation phase where you will be introduced to Nepali cultural and language, rituals and manners, cooking ideas, food, health and hygiene, rituals and myths etc. For the first day there will be welcome program after receiving from Nepal International airport in Kathmandu or from bus park if you will be coming via land through India for volunteering in Nepal. There will be guided Tour in and around Kathmandu for knowing life and culture of people in Nepal, the historical sites, the different facets of Hinduism and Buddhism. Then the next phase will be the actual volunteering phase where volunteers will join the program here they are for along with our co-coordinators. The program period depends upon the program you choose and work hours depends on the agreement specified while making deal. All the accommodation and food will be taken care under hygienic atmosphere. The group volunteer may be construction volunteer program, education aid program, Buddhist monastery help program, local community help program or any other programs based on your interest. The daily transportation is managed from our side when in need. Safety is our prime concern.

After volunteering phase in Nepal group volunteer program many volunteer want to go on Nepal tour or trekking program based on the time, group size etc. If the group will be interested the trekking program will be organized. This opportunity helps to explore the natural beauty, cultural diversity and spiritual aspect of Nepal. Please write us or call us if you are 3 or more people coming Nepal for volunteer program. We are here to provide you best Nepal volunteer program with unique Itinerary and most discount program fee. See Nepal as a volunteer and get unique experience.

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Volunteer building project in Nepal

This is our invitation to volunteers from all over the world to come Nepal and build houses or wells or toilets to improve the life of Nepalis community.

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