Volunteer building project in Nepal

This is our invitation to volunteers from all over the world to come Nepal and build houses or wells or toilets to improve the life of Nepalis community. Building volunteer is a good way to help Nepal as Nepal is still struggling to overcome the damage made by 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

Get fulfilling unique experience building home for a poor family in Nepal or make constructions for schools or for community based groups.If you are seeking a chance to travel Nepal, meet some nice people, make meaningful impact then our Volunteer building project in Nepal is for you. Our building project volunteering in Nepal is more suitable for groups and families.


• 1 week US$490
• 2 weeks US$650
• 3 weeks US$810
• 4 weeks US$970
• 5 weeks US$1,120
• 6 weeks US$1,270
• 7 weeks US$1,420
• 8 weeks US$1,570

For each additional week over 8 weeks, add $120.

The house building project starts when we will have enough volunteers and the collected money is enough to cover project cost. In case of one or single volunteer we will carry works like wells, toilets, renovations etc.

Toilet Building project (The project cost $500)

Still the date, in rural part of Nepal many local families do not have toilet. Many school will be happy to have safe and comfortable toilet. Still in rural Nepal many people die each year because of poor sanitation. Specially toilet building can be very pivotal because if prevents many deaths of children from diarrhea and other so related diseases.

House Building project (The project cost 5000$)

It will be wonderful to come country like Nepal in a group to volunteer and make a house for poor family. The house we make will be earthquake proof made by using local as well as modern materials like iron, cement, bricks etc. The price of the house building will be 5000$ that can make 3 roomed basic houses for a small family. Sometimes if it is more meaningful to repair the house than make it then we suggest this option. The house building project don’t need pre-experience and there will be varied roles from making earth foundation to manual help. There will be local construction workers to assist us. We will give you more information on location and person whose house we will be making once we receive your application. If you would like to donate money and other volunteers carry the building in progress, please contact us. Make your life a reason to smile helping and sharing.

Clean water project

Nepali rural places have problem of clean water supply. It will be good merit to help the community get safe drinking water. If you would like to volunteer in clean water project or would like to donate for materials and other volunteers work on it, please contact us for details.

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