Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness Program

Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness Program

Third eye volunteer Nepal offers environmental volunteering programs in Nepal. Environmental sanitation program are very important volunteering programs for countries like Nepal in the present situation. Join Recycle-reuse volunteer program to help Nepal keep Green.
In Nepal the street children’s collect recycle-reuse things from garbage pile like plastics, papers, rubbers, bottles etc and sell them in the local collection centers called Kawadi center to make their living. Some people roam around in bicycles in the city asking recycle-reuse materials to make small business for living. The people working on such are from very marginalized and poor community.

What Volunteers can do?

Volunteers can take part in collection process to understand the situation and understand what life means to these people. The main objective of our environmental sanitation program like this is to train local people in these issues. The garbage can be used to make something valuable like plastic boats from mineral water bottles, toys etc. Training to local garbage collectors is one of the important things on topic like collection of garbage and safety, degradable and non degradable garbage, recyclable and reusable garbage etc . In major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and in major municipalities of Nepal there are Environmental divisions who look after environmental issues of the respective urban area. Volunteers interested in environmental conservation programs carried out by them to keep city clean are welcome in Nepal recycle- reuse volunteer program. The main volunteering work to do in this project is making handicrafts from collected recycled and reused materials. If you would like to learn making handicrafts you can learn from our experts or if you have some ideas you would like to teach either to school students or community womens or anyother suitable groups, you are most for volunteering in Nepal.

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