Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work

Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work is truly for Nepal experience. Volunteering in Nepal in agricultural works gives you idea how to become happy in midst of difficulties in life. It is a action whose focus is on action it’s self but not on the result. You will involve in the works according to seasons but you work with happy soil. Here happy soil means soil which has not been spoiled by chemicals and pesticides. You will heal yourself with clay from Mother Earth. Your hands and legs could become muddy but your soul will be cleansed in the process.

Best Time

The busiest agricultural months of Nepal are June/ July when rice plantation takes place. These events are festive in look. The rice is planted in traditional way in most of the place. The oxen are mostly used to plough the field. The men are supposed to prepare the field and women to plant sapling but the gender roles are not always in practice rigidly. Other busy agricultural months of Nepal are October and November when rice are harvested from the fields. The Mangsir (November) is happy month because people have enough food in the house to eat. The view of rice fields looks incredible. It looks the gold hanging on plants.

Farmers have one after other thing to do all round the year. They always keep on growing vegetables and fruits, cash crops and other seasonal things. A true farmer teaches you to become optimist as he sows seeds in the darkness of earth to harvest in multiply on the coming days. A True farmer teaches what is the meaning of compassion and waiting. A true farmer teaches how dear earth is to us and gives insight on higher laws of nature and interrelationship.  And a true farmer teaches you how to live in time and beyond time. Learn the law of impermanence and what righteous way of earning is.

Plan a farm volunteer in Nepal

Are you in gap year and thinking to volunteering in Nepal in agricultural works? Third eye volunteer Nepal provides live, work and eats with local’s volunteer program. By joining our programs, you will have best few simple days of your life living in Nepal villages. These days will be your life changing truly lived days. See you in Nepal and work together in the fields.

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Other Services

Afforestation Program

A forestation program
Let’s make a difference, Be prepared to get your hands dirty when you volunteer with any of the life-renewing reforestation projects that are underway around the globe and in Nepal mostly during rainy season and working on plant nurseries all round the year.

Agricultural Volunteer Program

Agricultural volunteer program will give you an opportunity to live together with local host farmer family, learn agricultural practices carried out by them since ages, take part in agricultural work.

Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness Program

Recycle/ Re-Use Awareness Program

Third eye volunteer Nepal offers environmental volunteering programs in Nepal.

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